LERU Brexit Seminars

Second LERU Brexit Seminar

The League of European Research Universities (LERU), jointly with the University of Edinburgh and KU Leuven, has organised a seminar series on Brexit. The first LERU Brexit Seminar had the theme of The Implications of Brexit: EU and Post-EU Constitutional and Substantive Law and took place on Friday 17 November 2017 at KU Leuven. Hosted by Leuven Law School and Edinburgh Law School, the seminar was arranged by Prof Wouter Devroe (Leuven) and Dr Tobias Lock (Edinburgh). Its objective was to highlight key challenges posed by Brexit for (EU) constitutional and substantive law. The following contributions resulted from the seminar, based on speakers’ presentations and papers.

The second LERU Brexit seminar on 1 and 2 November 2018 held at Edinburgh Law School took stock one year later.

2018 Seminar Contributions

Brexit and the rights of third-country nationals under EU internal market freedoms

Richard Steppe and Wouter Devroe

The legal nature of the withdrawal agreement

Katharina Behrend

Solving the autonomy conundrum: Can the UK avoid a hard border in Northern Ireland without subjecting itself to EU judges?

Armin Cuyvers

The EU and Scottish independence after Brexit

Núria González Campañá

The UK and EU mixed agreements: the case of the EEA

Yuliya Kaspiarovich and Nicolas Levrat

The Implications of Leaving the EU Customs Union

Dylan Geraets

What’s the point of an extended transition period and how could it be achieved?

Tobias Lock

Amending Retained EU Law after Brexit

Emily Hancox

Brexit and the Security Partnership

Leandro Mancano

Keeping Free Movement vs. Ending Free Movement: The Common Travel Area after Brexit

Daniel Carter

Implementation of Brexit in the UK

Darren Harvey

Possible Dispute Resolution Mechanisms between the UK and EU-27 after Brexit

Alix de Zitter

Regulation of Unfair Trading Practices between Businesses after Brexit

Tom Verdonk

2017 Seminar Contributions

Brexit and EU Social Policy: Uncertainty for the UK, Opportunities for the EU

Pieter Pecinovsky

Brexit and the Impact on Rights in the EU

Tobias Lock

Brexit and the Role of the European Parliament

Darren Harvey

Brexit and EU Competition Law: Managing the Transition

Friso Bostoen

Brexit: The Future of Private Antitrust Enforcement in the UK

Francesca Gelmini

Brexit and Direct Taxation: A Turning Point for EU Tax Law?

Luca Cerioni

European Private International Law after Brexit

Michiel Poesen

The UK’s Approach to EU Citizenship, Criminality and Expulsion

Leandro Mancano