Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence

The FUTURES Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence engages and enriches analysis of European futures at a crucial crossroad in its history. The unprecedented challenges facing the European Union (EU) – including but not limited to the rise of populism, Brexit, relations with neighbours, crises in euro governance, refugees and rule of law – require multidisciplinary approaches and solutions. The Centre aims to bring forward-looking, positive and long-lasting effects by broadening the range of EU-related activities in Edinburgh, encouraging multidisciplinary research, increasing academic-practitioner exchanges, enhancing the educational environment for PhD and other students, informing civil society, and employing technologies to disseminate new ideas about European futures to a wide audience in and beyond Scotland.

The following blog posts were written as part of the activities of the Centre:

Energy Policy at the crossroads: How Nord Stream 2 is challenging the Internal Energy Market

Francesca Batzella

Blog Relaunch: Focusing on the Future

Chad Damro, Elke Heins and Tobias Lock