Brexit and Rights Engagement Network

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Brexit and Rights Engagement Network

The Brexit and Rights Engagement Network (BREN) is a network of early-career legal scholars working in the areas of rights, devolution and Brexit. The network – supported by a British Academy Rising Star Engagement Award and led by Europa Institute Co-Director Dr Tobias Lock – aims to provide younger scholars with opportunities to share the findings of their research with an audience outside the academy. Over the course of one year, BREN will organise three roundtables in Edinburgh, Belfast and London.

Network Contributions

EU Citizens Living in the UK: Protection from Deportation under EU Law

Adrienne Yong

Brexit Britain’s ECJ Problem: Enforcement of Rights Guarantees in the Withdrawal Agreement

Davor Jancic

Enforceability of Workers’ Rights after Brexit

Rebecca Zahn

Brexit and the Interpretation of Domestic Rights

Niall O’Connor

Human Rights Reform: Adjudication and Enforcement of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights?

Katie Boyle

Criminal Cooperation, Brexit and the devolved nations: where are we and what is the way ahead?

anni pues

Taking Stock: Scotland and Brexit

tobias lock

Incorporating International Human Rights in a Devolved Context

Kasey McCall-Smith

Now is the time to consider a Bill of Rights for Scotland

Kirsteen Shields

Brexit and Human Rights in Northern Ireland

Alan Greene

Brexit, Northern Ireland, and Devolution

Amanda Kramer