Brexit Talks: What Will We Know in Autumn 2018?

The UK’s exit negotiations from the EU will concentrate on separate withdrawal and trade deals, and timing will be a crucial factor, writes Kirsty Hughes. She argues that autumn 2018 will serve as a key period where enough about the UK-EU negotiations will be known and pressure will mount for the constitutional options and implications […]

A Lame-Duck Member State? The UK’s Position in the EU After the Referendum

Despite the fact that it has not yet begun withdrawal negotiations or indeed left the EU, the UK is already experiencing a dramatic loss of power and influence within the EU, writes Tobias Lock. He argues that the role of EU law within the UK is also in question even now, since the eventual prospect […]

The Legal Implications of EU Withdrawal for the UK and Scotland

In this extended article, Tobias Lock examines the process for a Member State to leave the EU and the effects of withdrawal, in the context of the upcoming EU referendum. He suggests that, should the UK leave the EU, some form of EU-UK agreement will likely be reached, although the shape of any deal is very […]