One Year on from the EU Referendum

Referendums are a relatively new feature in the UK’s constitutional landscape and, considering the EU referendum’s limited franchise, it misrepresents the result to suggest that it spoke for the whole of the country, write Tammy Hervey and Jo Shaw. They argue that, going forward, it is essential to ensure that the UK’s democratic system reflects […]

Who Makes Our Laws – Brussels, Westminster or Holyrood?

Questions around sovereignty and the extent of the impact of EU law on the UK and Scotland have been central in the EU referendum campaign, writes Tobias Lock. He argues that the policy areas which EU law covers is more significant than the quantity of legislation, and that EU law has only a minimal role […]

Brexit Debate: Lessons From the EU’s Non-Members

Although European states such as Norway or Switzerland have different kinds of relationships with the EU, they are all becoming increasingly integrated into it, without any formal say, write Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum. They argue that these states have given up national sovereignty without any compensation at EU level, and that the […]

Rule Britannia? Cameron’s Renegotiation and the Question of Sovereignty

One of the central components of the UK’s EU renegotiation has been the set of issues around sovereignty, writes Tobias Lock. He analyses the new ‘red card’ mechanism for national parliaments and suggests that the contents of the deal must be read in light of the debates on sovereignty in the UK. Extended Article Britannia […]