When Article 50 Meets Section 30 – Another Quiet Week in Scotland’s Constitutional Politics

Scotland’s independence debate was intensified by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement this week, but both sides of the argument have been preparing since the EU referendum, writes Peter Lynch. He argues that, while the timing of an independence referendum is the main focus at the moment, others may well come up, and that the parties’ […]

An Independent Scotland and the EU: What Route to Membership?

In the event of independence, how might Scotland pursue EU membership? Kirsty Hughes and Tobias Lock explore the principal options, arguing that ensuring Scotland’s continuity with EU laws and policy would ultimately be more important than attempting to secure a fast-tracked route to membership, which would be completed in any case after Brexit. Extended Article […]

Voice and Partnership: The Bottom Line for Scotland on Brexit?

The difference of the EU referendum vote in Scotland versus the whole UK and the so-far limited inclusion of the Scottish Government in formulating the UK’s Brexit strategy have created genuine political tensions, writes Laura Cram. She argues that the question of Scotland’s constitutional future has always been much more an issue of democratic control […]

Back to the Future with the Draft Referendum Bill

The EU referendum result has fundamentally reshaped the Scottish independence debate, and the new draft referendum bill is a both political and practical step by the Scottish Government, writes Peter Lynch. He observes that, in this unpredictable constitutional environment, Brexit has created opportunities for the SNP to engage with those who haven’t previously contemplated Scottish […]

Scotland and Brexit – Outlook Worsens as Options Narrow

Both hard Brexit and soft Brexit scenarios each present their own challenges for the UK, writes Kirsty Hughes. She suggests that, for Scotland, it is almost certain that it will exit the EU with the rest of the UK, and that, in the event of independence, the question then becomes whether Scotland would rejoin the EU. […]

‘While Europe’s Eye is Fix’d on Mighty Things’: Implications of the Brexit Vote for Scotland

The variation in vote outcomes across the different parts of the UK in the EU referendum has brought existing constitutional questions to the fore, alongside the new challenges associated with exiting the EU, write David Edward and Niamh Nic Shuibhne. Outlining some of the options for Scotland, they argue that all the political actors involved […]

How Might Scotland Maintain its Membership of the EU?

In the aftermath of the vote for the UK to leave the EU, several possible scenarios could allow Scotland to remain in, writes Eve Hepburn. She argues that, while it may prove difficult for Scotland to block Brexit or to keep EU membership while the rest of the UK leaves, it would also face challenges […]

A European Future for Scotland?

Scotland is faced with several options for retaining its relationship with the EU following the UK’s vote to leave, writes Tobias Lock. He suggests that each option would present its own difficulties, and that timing, Scotland’s access to the UK’s withdrawal negotiations and the position of the remaining EU members will play major roles. EU […]