The Great Repeal Bill and the Challenge of Bringing Laws Home

The practical process of transposing all existing EU law into the UK legal system brings with it many detailed and essential items for decision, the volume of which will likely favour the executive, writes Tobias Lock. He argues that EU withdrawal looks set to have a significant impact on the devolution settlements, as competences between […]

Will Brexit Mean More Devolution to Scotland?

The return of powers from the EU post-Brexit is often linked to an assumption that there will be consequential further devolution for Scotland, writes Mark Lazarowicz. He questions this view and suggests that the indications from the UK Government are that it may well adopt a more deliberative approach to the transfer of powers from […]

In Scotland, the Anniversary of Erasmus is Tempered by Brexit Concerns

The Erasmus programme of educational and cultural exchange has, over its three decades, brought significant benefits to Scotland and the UK, writes Colin Imrie. He argues that the prospect of the UK ending its participation, due to the free movement of people, would be a substantial loss for students, and that the proposed devolution of […]

Theresa May’s Great Repeal Bill – A Scottish Own Goal?

The Prime Minister’s outlining of the Great Repeal Bill to bring all EU law into UK law, to be sorted through later, has many elements of strategic thinking, writes Tobias Lock. He suggests, however, that a wholesale legal relocation would clearly touch on competences devolved to Scotland, and the politics around legislative consent could further […]

‘While Europe’s Eye is Fix’d on Mighty Things’: Implications of the Brexit Vote for Scotland

The variation in vote outcomes across the different parts of the UK in the EU referendum has brought existing constitutional questions to the fore, alongside the new challenges associated with exiting the EU, write David Edward and Niamh Nic Shuibhne. Outlining some of the options for Scotland, they argue that all the political actors involved […]

Powers that Come into Play in Scotland’s Future Relationships with Europe

One of the main arguments in favour of withdrawal from the European Union centres on the return of sovereignty to the UK and, by extension, to Scotland, writes Drew Scott. He argues, however, that Scotland would be unlikely to see increased powers following an exit, due to limitations in order to access the Single Market, […]

The UK’s Territorial and Governance Challenge: Regions, Nations and Cities

Faced with recent events at home and abroad, the UK’s political system needs to adapt to ensure prosperity and to bolster democratic legitimacy, writes Jo Shaw. She argues that devolution to cities might be a viable option to achieve these objectives, while also maintaining a balance in the UK’s complicated territorial politics. Great Britain and […]