One Year on from the EU Referendum

Referendums are a relatively new feature in the UK’s constitutional landscape and, considering the EU referendum’s limited franchise, it misrepresents the result to suggest that it spoke for the whole of the country, write Tammy Hervey and Jo Shaw. They argue that, going forward, it is essential to ensure that the UK’s democratic system reflects […]

What Do Voters Think About the EU and the Referendum Question?

Public opinion on the EU varies in the different parts of the UK, and views within each of the UK nations have shifted markedly since the Common Market Referendum in 1975, writes Charlie Jeffery. He suggests that identity could play an important role in voters’ decisions at the EU referendum, and that the outcome could […]

Towards Brexit? The UK’s EU Referendum

The upcoming EU referendum has brought about a different kind of political debate in the UK, and the need for facts and analysis to sort through the many issues at stake is clear, writes Anthony Salamone. He sets out an open invitation to the University of Edinburgh’s new free online course which will guide participants […]

Divided by Europe: The UK Nations and the EU Referendum

Polling shows that people in the various parts of the UK might vote in different ways in the EU referendum, writes Charlie Jeffery, with Scotland and Northern Ireland expressing a clear intent to remain, and England and Wales swaying on the edge of remain or leave. He suggests that, if the nations end up on […]

The UK’s EU Referendum: Once in a Generation…

The renegotiation and referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, like the Scottish independence referendum, has been presented as a generational choice, writes James Mitchell. Drawing on inspiration from some of the founders of the United States, he explores the meaning and length of ‘a generation’ in politics, suggesting that, regardless of its outcome, […]