One Year on from the EU Referendum

Referendums are a relatively new feature in the UK’s constitutional landscape and, considering the EU referendum’s limited franchise, it misrepresents the result to suggest that it spoke for the whole of the country, write Tammy Hervey and Jo Shaw. They argue that, going forward, it is essential to ensure that the UK’s democratic system reflects […]

The ‘Headscarf Rulings’: Did the Court of Justice Really Ban Headscarves in the Workplace?

The recent EU court rulings on wearing headscarves in the workplace demonstrate the conflict between enabling EU economic freedoms on the other hand and protecting the rights of workers on the other, writes Rebecca Zahn. She argues that, while the judgements are nuanced in their determination of acceptable work requirements, the weight given to the […]

What Future Has the European Union after its Sixtieth Anniversary – Back to the Future?

The main challenge facing today’s European Union is to find ways to bring together the diverging interests of its many members, writes Colin Imrie. He argues that, if the EU27 manage to arrive at a common vision combining economic and social priorities, the EU could begin once again to demonstrate its relevance and importance to […]

European Disintegration Deserves a More Prominent Place in European Studies

The various challenges facing the European Union and its seeming inability to adequately address them have arguably fuelled European disintegration, rather than integration, writes María del Carmen Sandoval Velasco. She argues that the European studies community should respond by giving European disintegration more attention and seeking to understand its role the evolution of the European […]

2016: The Ebbing of Europe’s Radical Left Tide?

In the economic and financial crisis and its aftermath, European radical left parties have achieved some electoral success, though major challenges will continue to limit their prospects, writes Luke March. He argues that left parties have a difficult balance to strike between maintaining their principles in their policies and recognising the realities of current mainstream […]

Voice and Partnership: The Bottom Line for Scotland on Brexit?

The difference of the EU referendum vote in Scotland versus the whole UK and the so-far limited inclusion of the Scottish Government in formulating the UK’s Brexit strategy have created genuine political tensions, writes Laura Cram. She argues that the question of Scotland’s constitutional future has always been much more an issue of democratic control […]

What Do Voters Think About the EU and the Referendum Question?

Public opinion on the EU varies in the different parts of the UK, and views within each of the UK nations have shifted markedly since the Common Market Referendum in 1975, writes Charlie Jeffery. He suggests that identity could play an important role in voters’ decisions at the EU referendum, and that the outcome could […]

Towards Brexit? The UK’s EU Referendum

The upcoming EU referendum has brought about a different kind of political debate in the UK, and the need for facts and analysis to sort through the many issues at stake is clear, writes Anthony Salamone. He sets out an open invitation to the University of Edinburgh’s new free online course which will guide participants […]