America Decides: Foreign Policy Implications for Europe

Following the US elections, American foreign policy in Europe is set to enter a period of unpredictability, writes Anthony Salamone. He argues that the US government’s approach to Europe could vary from inert policy stability to more dramatic change in policy and priorities, and that the Trump presidency could be the first administration not to […]

The UK Gives up Foreign Policy Role and Influence, Post-Brexit

While much of the discussion around Brexit has focused on the Single Market and trading arrangements, foreign policy is another essential area that will be redefined by EU withdrawal, writes Kirsty Hughes. She argues that the UK will have minimal influence in the strategic direction of the EU, and that its emerging mercantilist foreign policy […]

The EU’s Sanction Policy towards Russia – Much Ado about Nothing?

The EU’s approach to Russia since the onset of the Ukraine crisis has been characterised by internal divisions of opinion among the Member States, writes Anna-Sophie Maass. She argues that its relations with Russia, and in particular the issue of sanctions, will test whether the EU can achieve the objectives in its Global Strategy and […]

Early Brexit Questions: The Paris Agreement and Climate Policy

The early entry into force of the Paris Agreement raises immediate Brexit-related international policy questions for the UK, writes Annalisa Savaresi. She argues that, as the UK considers its future relations with EU climate policy, it is also faced with existential questions concerning its own climate policy and how it is formulated, including the role […]

Brexit – What Can Be Learned from Greenland?

Although the ‘reverse Greenland’ model has often been cited as a possible means of Scotland remaining in the EU while the UK leaves, the situations facing Greenland then and Scotland  now are not that comparable, writes Maria Ackrén. She suggests that, while Scotland might not find much inspiration in Greenland’s relationship with the EU, it […]

Brexit and the Balkans: Implications for Future EU Enlargement

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has the potential to impact EU enlargement to the Western Balkans in a multitude of ways, writes Eamonn Butler. He argues that, while EU leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to enlargement, accessions are likely to be pushed back several years and the remaining EU may itself seem a […]

Striking Similarities Exist Between the Brexit and Scottish Independence Debates

Although the referendum debate has largely focused on domestic politics, EU membership is a significant question of foreign policy as well, writes Juliet Kaarbo. She argues that the UK’s global influence is shaped by both external and internal factors, and that the practical effect of the EU referendum will be to determine how the UK […]

Brexit Debate: Lessons From the EU’s Non-Members

Although European states such as Norway or Switzerland have different kinds of relationships with the EU, they are all becoming increasingly integrated into it, without any formal say, write Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum. They argue that these states have given up national sovereignty without any compensation at EU level, and that the […]