Brexit Policy-making: The Need for a Change in Policy Style

In recent years, UK public policy formation has neglected interests groups, their expertise and views, writes Jeremy Richardson. He argues that, particularly when it comes to Brexit, the UK government must adopt a more consensual approach to policy-making and involve a wider range of perspectives in order to ensure that policies are more effective. Whitehall […]

What Future Has the European Union after its Sixtieth Anniversary – Back to the Future?

The main challenge facing today’s European Union is to find ways to bring together the diverging interests of its many members, writes Colin Imrie. He argues that, if the EU27 manage to arrive at a common vision combining economic and social priorities, the EU could begin once again to demonstrate its relevance and importance to […]

European Disintegration Deserves a More Prominent Place in European Studies

The various challenges facing the European Union and its seeming inability to adequately address them have arguably fuelled European disintegration, rather than integration, writes María del Carmen Sandoval Velasco. She argues that the European studies community should respond by giving European disintegration more attention and seeking to understand its role the evolution of the European […]

Brexit Moment: May’s Lancaster House Speech

Following the Prime Minister’s speech outlining the UK government’s priorities for Brexit, success in the negotiations will depend on the currently undefined details, writes Anthony Salamone. He argues that the UK government would do well not to repeat past mistakes in European negotiations and approach the Brexit talks with as constructive an approach as possible. […]

Imagining Europe: A Social Media Gallery of Images About the EU

As part of the Imagine Europe project, Clare Llewellyn and Laura Cram reflect on the initiative’s progress and the images which people have contributed to represent what they think of the European Union. They present the results of the project competition and call for additional images reflecting views on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. […]

Brexit: Frequently Asked Questions

Following the vote for the UK to leave the European Union, Anthony Salamone answers some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the future of UK-EU relations in the referendum aftermath. EU Referendum Statement, Number 10, CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0 Has the UK already left the European Union, as of the referendum result on Friday 24 June? No. The UK […]

What Did Social Media Tell Us About the UK’s EU Referendum?

As part of the Imagine Europe project, Clare Llewellyn and Laura Cram analyse the EU referendum debate on Twitter following the vote for the UK to leave the European Union. They note that, although the Remain campaign increased its presence on Twitter in the latter stages of the contest, the Leave campaign was stronger on Twitter […]

Five Things to Watch For on EU Referendum Day

With Referendum Day finally here for the vote on the UK’s membership of the European Union, Anthony Salamone sets out some points to keep in mind over the course of polling day and the vote count. EU Referendum Poll Card, Abi Begum, CC-BY-2.0 After years of speculation, months of campaigning and weeks of intense focus, […]