In Scotland, the Anniversary of Erasmus is Tempered by Brexit Concerns

The Erasmus programme of educational and cultural exchange has, over its three decades, brought significant benefits to Scotland and the UK, writes Colin Imrie. He argues that the prospect of the UK ending its participation, due to the free movement of people, would be a substantial loss for students, and that the proposed devolution of […]

How Might Brexit Impact Britain’s Universities?

The scenario under which the UK leaves the EU will have significant consequences for UK higher education, writes Brad MacKay. He argues that, while it may be possible to compensate for student numbers, it would be particularly difficult to maintain staff mobility and funding opportunities under a hard Brexit, and that it is essential that […]

The Deal on EU Immigration and Welfare is Symbolic – But Brexit Won’t Solve the ‘Problem’ of EU Immigration Either

The free movement provisions of the UK’s EU renegotiation are unlikely to reduce EU migration to the UK because they do not focus on the factors which drive EU workers to come in the first place, writes Christina Boswell. She argues that, instead of in-work benefits, the real debate on immigration should focus on the […]

Educating Europe: A Story of Shifts and Grand Old Myths

Education has been an important, if often unrecognised, means of achieving European integration, writes Sotiria Grek. She argues that the shift of emphasis from a shared high European culture to a standards-based economic mindset reflects the desire of EU leaders to build different kinds of European identity, and that Europe’s current challenges may rekindle a […]