Brexit Policy-making: The Need for a Change in Policy Style

In recent years, UK public policy formation has neglected interests groups, their expertise and views, writes Jeremy Richardson. He argues that, particularly when it comes to Brexit, the UK government must adopt a more consensual approach to policy-making and involve a wider range of perspectives in order to ensure that policies are more effective. Whitehall […]

Interest Groups and EU Governance: Shooting Where the Ducks Are

Interest groups follow power to its source and, with the progressive transfer of policy-making from national to European level, the network of interest groups in Brussels has intensified over time, writes Jeremy Richardson. He argues that their lobbying has eroded the ability of national governments to set policy agendas and that many interest groups, now […]

Policy Styles in the EU: From Promiscuous Consensus Building to Dirigiste Imposition?

While the EU is often perceived as an organisation which functions on the consensus of its Member States, the Greek situation has shown that it can also instruct a Member State more directly, writes Jeremy Richardson. He argues that this trend towards greater policy imposition by the EU will only increase going forward, with implications […]