In Scotland, the Anniversary of Erasmus is Tempered by Brexit Concerns

The Erasmus programme of educational and cultural exchange has, over its three decades, brought significant benefits to Scotland and the UK, writes Colin Imrie. He argues that the prospect of the UK ending its participation, due to the free movement of people, would be a substantial loss for students, and that the proposed devolution of […]

Sports and Film Rights in the EU: The Legacy of Murphy

In this event report, Arianna Andreangeli and Rachael Craufurd Smith review a recent one-day workshop considering the implications of the EU courts’ Murphy judgement on sports broadcasting rights for the audiovisual sector, as well as the European Commission’s Digital Single Market agenda. They write that the discussions underlined that, while the creation of a single […]

The EU Copyright Reform Debate is Marked by Diverging Views

In this extended article, Nevena Kostova considers the implications of the European Parliament’s recent non-binding resolution on copyright in the EU. She argues that the document sends mixed signals to the EU Council and to the European Commission, which is currently preparing a copyright reform proposal. Extended Article Large Copyright Sign Made of Jigsaw Puzzle […]