Previous Team Members

Managing Editor

Anthony SalamoneAnthony Salamone

@AMSalamone | Articles

Anthony Salamone is PhD Candidate in Politics at the University of Edinburgh and Managing Editor of European Futures. His research focuses on Scotland’s and the UK’s EU relations, and European integration more broadly. He is Research Fellow and Strategic Advisor at the Scottish Centre on European Relations.

Academic Editor (up until January 2019)

Dr Tobias Lock

@TobiasLock | Articles

Dr Tobias Lock is Senior Lecturer in EU Law at the University of Edinburgh and Co-Director of the Edinburgh Europa Institute. His research focuses on the EU’s multilevel relations with other legal orders, including the European Convention on Human Rights, and in particular on courts as frontline actors.


Academic Editor (2015-2016)

Laura CramProf Laura Cram


Prof Laura Cram is Professor of European Politics and Director of the Neuropolitics Research Lab at the University of Edinburgh. Her research areas include European public policy, European identity and the neuropolitics of public policy and identity.