Brexit and the Balkans: Implications for Future EU Enlargement

The UK’s withdrawal from the European Union has the potential to impact EU enlargement to the Western Balkans in a multitude of ways, writes Eamonn Butler. He argues that, while EU leaders have reaffirmed their commitment to enlargement, accessions are likely to be pushed back several years and the remaining EU may itself seem a […]

Brexit Will be a Major Blow to Eurosceptic Clout in the European Parliament

Considering that the UK’s EU referendum produced a result to leave the European Union, it might be anticipated that Eurosceptic movements will only grow stronger in the aftermath, writes Cleo Davies. However, she argues that, in the European Parliament, the departure of UK MEPs will in fact weaken all of the Eurosceptic right-wing groups, leaving […]

Can European Policies Be Dismantled?

Although European integration is often considered progressive and one-way, demands for limits on or even reversals of power have grown in recent years, write Viviane Gravey and Andrew Jordan. Looking at EU environmental law, they conclude this reversal process of policy dismantling does exist, but it is relatively limited, and they set out a research […]

Brexit May Force a Rethink for Finland’s Eurosceptics

Following the UK’s EU referendum, there is a lack of appetite in Finland to hold a similar vote on EU membership or the euro, writes Tapio Raunio. He notes that the main proponent of EU referendums, the Finns Party, is currently limited by its role in the coalition government, and that the economic and political […]

First, Brexit – Are the Dutch Next in Line?

Although the Netherlands is considered a potential contender to follow the UK in opting to leave the EU, such a prospect is unlikely for now, writes David Bokhorst. He argues, however, that deep public dissatisfaction with European integration, combined with how political elites present the EU at home, will continue to undermine Dutch support for […]

Imagining Europe: A Social Media Gallery of Images About the EU

As part of the Imagine Europe project, Clare Llewellyn and Laura Cram reflect on the initiative’s progress and the images which people have contributed to represent what they think of the European Union. They present the results of the project competition and call for additional images reflecting views on the UK’s future relationship with the EU. […]

A Lame-Duck Member State? The UK’s Position in the EU After the Referendum

Despite the fact that it has not yet begun withdrawal negotiations or indeed left the EU, the UK is already experiencing a dramatic loss of power and influence within the EU, writes Tobias Lock. He argues that the role of EU law within the UK is also in question even now, since the eventual prospect […]

Denmark and Brexit: An Ally Departing and Anticipations High

Over the years, Denmark has shared a scepticism for European integration alongside the UK, writes Ben Rosamond. He argues that the UK’s exit will see Denmark lose a key ally within the EU, and Danish politics and business will be following closely how the UK’s new relationship with the EU develops. Danish Flags, MPD01605, CC-BY-SA-2.0 […]