Five Things to Watch For on EU Referendum Day

With Referendum Day finally here for the vote on the UK’s membership of the European Union, Anthony Salamone sets out some points to keep in mind over the course of polling day and the vote count.   EU Referendum Poll Card, Abi Begum, CC-BY-2.0 After years of speculation, months of campaigning and weeks of intense […]

If Twitter is the Medium of the Underdog, Are the ‘Reluctant Remainers’ Poised to Bite?

What can Twitter tell us about the views of the UK electorate ahead of the EU referendum? Based on their extensive analysis of Twitter usage in the months leading up to the vote, as featured on European Futures, Laura Cram and Clare Llewellyn illustrate that, while Leave supporters continue to have a much more visible […]

Britain After Brexit: Could the Swiss Model be an Option?

Switzerland’s relationship with the European Union is one of the models mentioned as an alternative for the UK in the EU referendum debate, writes Adrian Favero. He argues that such a model may not be well suited to the UK, as Switzerland is largely integrated into the Single Market, including the free movement of people, […]

The UK’s EU Referendum: Implications for Scotland’s Constitutional Settlement

Scotland’s devolved powers have become progressively interconnected with both UK law and EU law, write Sarah Craig, Maria Fletcher and Nina Miller-Westoby. Focusing on the area of migration policy, they argue that, whatever the outcome of the EU referendum, the resulting legislative changes will have an impact on Scotland, which could raise constitutional questions if […]

What Are the UK’s Alternatives to EU Membership?

In the event of exit from the European Union, the UK would be faced with different options for its relationship with the EU, writes Michael Keating. He argues that the choice of which option would ultimately come down to decisions about what the UK wants and negotiations with the EU, and that no option would completely […]

How Closely Is the Economy of the UK and Scotland Aligned with the EU?

In terms of income per person, the economy of the UK, and Scotland in particular, is in line with the average across the EU, writes David Bell. He analyses different aspects of the economic relationship with the EU and notes variations across both Scotland and the UK. Britain’s Decision | The EU Referendum Clyde River, Aizhol, […]

Brexit Debate: Lessons From the EU’s Non-Members

Although European states such as Norway or Switzerland have different kinds of relationships with the EU, they are all becoming increasingly integrated into it, without any formal say, write Erik Oddvar Eriksen and John Erik Fossum. They argue that these states have given up national sovereignty without any compensation at EU level, and that the […]

What Do Voters Think About the EU and the Referendum Question?

Public opinion on the EU varies in the different parts of the UK, and views within each of the UK nations have shifted markedly since the Common Market Referendum in 1975, writes Charlie Jeffery. He suggests that identity could play an important role in voters’ decisions at the EU referendum, and that the outcome could […]